Quality Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Troy, OH

Because residential heat pumps operate year-round, having preventative maintenance is performed once a year is essential. In fact, heat pumps that lack regular maintenance from a NATE-certified technician end up consuming up to 25 percent more energy compared to a heat pump that’s properly cared for.

To make matters worse, lack of regular maintenance makes heat pumps far more likely to break down and end up needing to be replaced sooner than those that are taken care of. Make sure you call the pros that care at Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning to service your heat pump this season! Schedule a Heat Pump Tune-Up + Check Out today!

Heat Pump Maintenance in Troy, OH
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Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is Key

Below are few of the reasons all HVAC professionals constantly stress the necessity of regular seasonal maintenance on residential heat pump systems:

Improved Efficiency

Your heat pump can become less efficient and costly when it’s in bad shape. It might exert extra effort to meet the comfort requirement of your home. Signing up for maintenance service with your local contractor in Troy, OH, can solve this problem. Routine maintenance ensures high-efficient performance and keeps your monthly utility bill low.

Keeping the Warranty Vaild

If your equipment is still under warranty and you neglect to have your equipment serviced for even a single year, that warranty becomes worthless. This is because the manufacturers of air conditioning equipment also recognize the importance of maintenance performed by a NATE-certified professional. Otherwise, if something happens, if a part fails or becomes defective and the system wasn’t properly serviced, the homeowner is out of luck.

Enhanced Comfort and Health

Your heat pump’s performance can influence your comfort and health. Without routine maintenance, it can put you and your family’s safety at high risk. Your unit can emit poisonous gas when it cracks. Fire hazards can also occur due to a short circuit. With regular maintenance, all these problems are addressed earlier, leaving you with a more comfortable and safer living environment.

Longer Lifespan

Wear and tear might occur as it works continuously in the long cold months. Leaving the issue unfixed can reduce your unit’s service life—and even put your comfort and safety in danger. Regular maintenance is designed to monitor and fix all your unit’s vital parts, preventing the possibility of expensive repairs and early replacement.

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What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is the smarter, cleaner way to heat, cool, dehumidify and purify the air in your home, and it’s an all-in-one replacement for your existing HVAC systems.

It’s called a heat pump because it controls your home’s climate by redistributing the heat that’s already in the air. In the winter, it extracts heat from the outside environment and moves it inside your home. In the summer, the process is reversed: The heat pump takes heat from inside your home and moves it outside. The result? Your home feels great all year. It’s a pretty simple concept that adds up to comfortable and energy-efficient climate control.

If you're interested in installing a heat pump into your Troy, OH area home, call us today! We offer quality equipment from top brands in the industry.

Major components of a heat pump system:

  • Outdoor unit with a coil that acts as a condenser in cooling mode and an evaporator in heating mode
  • Indoor unit that contains a coil (just like the outdoor unit) and a fan to move the air through your home
  • Refrigerant that absorbs and releases the heat as it circulates through the system
  • Compressor that pressurizes the refrigerant
  • Reversing valve that changes the direction of the refrigerant in the system, to enable the shift between heating and cooling
  • Expansion valve that regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system

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