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At Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning, we truly believe that comfort is our calling. And because the air we breathe is the essence of life, we also believe your Indoor Air Quality is essential. We offer a wide range of products and services that can improve, enhance and purify your home’s air quality, which is essential for your health, well-being, and home in more ways than you might think. Indoor Air Quality is essential if you or anyone living with you has asthma, allergies, or any other breathing-related problems. The products we offer work in conjunction with all types of residential HVAC systems to provide you with crisp, clean, healthy indoor air. 

If your indoor air quality is lacking or if you suspect there’s an issue with your indoor air quality, whether indoor air pollution, strange smells or humidity, you should give us a call as soon as possible to discuss ways to improve it. Check out our online deals and financing options today!

Indoor Air Quality Services in Troy, OH

What is Indoor Air Quality?

When you own a home, comfort shouldn’t be your only consideration for HVAC equipment. When it comes to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality is a critical issue that is often neglected.

This is often the case because most homeowners feel that air pollution is strictly an outdoor problem. Nevertheless, studies indicate this is false. It turns out the air inside many workplaces and homes is far more polluted and toxic than the air outside. Because the average American spends more than 21 hours a day indoors on average, air quality deserves serious consideration and attention. Because the air indoors often lacks proper filtration, indoor air quality is something homeowners should take seriously.

The EPA defines Indoor Air Quality as the quality of air inside a building or home and how it relates to the building or home’s occupants. Indoor Air Quality has a direct and sometimes negative effect on our health in addition to our overall mood, well-being, and energy levels.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Health officials say the air we breathe in our homes can be 2 to 5 times more toxic and polluted than the air outdoors, where nature has a way of taking care of it through a host of processes unbeknownst to the average person. When you take into consideration how tightly insulated most homes and workplaces are intentionally made in order to keep treated air inside, it becomes obvious why HVAC experts and health officials suggest some homeowners consider certain indoor air quality products to go in conjunction with their heat pump, furnace or air conditioner.

All too often household air pollution is unable to escape because modern dwellings are fairly airtight. In the confined spaces of a house or office building or work environment, pollutants can get trapped without adequate filtration or the circulation of outdoor air. Even with the HVAC system’s air filter, often these pollutants are merely recirculated. Sometimes, getting a humidifier, dehumidifier or air purifier makes a world of difference, in addition to UV Lights and other air filtration products.



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Featured Product:

iWave-R® Air Purifier

Of all the new indoor air quality devices on the market today that claim to remove airborne particles, viruses, bacteria, and mold, the iWave-R® stands out as being an effective product that’s highly innovative.

Using a fairly novel technology that’s very quiet and low maintenance, the iWave-R® goes inside the HVAC unit where it works to target outgoing air using ions to neutralize the air. These ions also kill airborne viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mold, and allergens while also removing particles causing odors in the home like smoke. If you're looking for budget-friendly iWave-R® system installation in Troy, OH, call us at (937) 230-5221.

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Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning Presents:

A Homeowner's Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality

Replace or Upgrade Air Filters

Keeping your HVAC systems’ air filters replaced regularly is essential for not only indoor air quality but also to get the most out of your system. Furnace filters need to be checked nearly every month during the winter. Additionally, upgrading to a media air filter cabinet will go a long way at cleaning out the air and improving air quality.

Invest in Indoor Air Quality Products

Air purifiers not only improve your air quality; they also help your HVAC system capture free-floating dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens in your home. Smart thermostats can lower energy bills dramatically. Humidifiers can improve asthma symptoms and sleeping patterns. No matter the issue you're facing, we have a solution for you!

Clean Regularly

In addition to keeping rugs and carpets clean to improve air quality, including regular cleaning and vacuuming into your routine will go a long way in helping keep your home’s air quality optimal. Doing so prevents these toxins from building up.

Take Advantage of Ventilation

Much of the contaminants and pollutants in a home come from the kitchen and the bathroom. Gas stoves release harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Even electric burners produce those same pollutants in lower levels, as well as other particles that can be easily absorbed into your bloodstream. So, when you’re cooking or using the bathroom, be sure to turn on vents or open a window to help filter out the air even more.

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4 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

“Do I Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?”

In addition to physical symptoms, your home can also give you signs it’s not doing so well. The following bullet points indicate poor indoor air quality:

Mold & Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew growth often comes with high relative humidity levels and poor air circulation in the home. A telltale musty smell is often apparent in homes with mold issues, alongside green and black (mold) spots on surfaces, particularly around sinks, tubs, and other areas that are frequently exposed to moisture/water.

Dust Buildup Around Vents & Surfaces

If you have dust buildup around your home and the area around air vents, you might have an indoor air quality problem. At the very least, the buildup of pet dander, pollen, dust mites and other particles can be addressed with an air filter upgrade or HEPA filtration system.

Air Distribution Inconsistencies

Cold and warm spots are indicative of air distribution problems, which can also result in indoor air quality issues. If your HVAC system isn’t maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels, your indoor air quality is likely suffering the effects of this.

Unusual Odors

Strange odors from chemicals, mold or mildew growth, pest infestation, or the decomposition of dust, dirt and debris on surfaces in the home all indicate indoor air quality problems.

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