How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

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Spring is upon us, and the temperatures can feel like a rollercoaster as we prepare ourselves for the new season. At Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning, we are determined to help you find confidence on your way to bettering your home environment. These things can take time, so we should start tackling what we can to help prepare our homes for spring. Being prepared will help us avoid giving ourselves unwanted stress. As you read further, know that our team is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

What is the Significance of Keeping Fans and Windows Clean?

Ceiling fans can not trap dust, dander, dirt, or pet hair. However, your air conditioner is constantly working to filter the air it pulls through the unit. We advise you not to rely on ceiling fans alone; because they have a habit of stirring up debris, which can worsen the air quality in your home. However, ceiling fans can help you and your family stay cool and comfortable when working simultaneously with your AC. It’s easy to neglect our ceiling fans because we don’t typically see the top of their blades. But, dirty fan blades do not work efficiently and will likely end up flinging dust particles and other allergens around the room as it spins. Likewise, keeping your windows clean can provide a better working environment for your air conditioner.

What Sounds are Concerning for My HVAC System?

Test your air conditioners before the weather becomes too hot! I can not stress this enough! Problems arise even when we think our air conditioners have been appropriately stored over the winter months. Therefore, it is best to check your AC in the early spring to resolve any problems sooner than later. A few sounds to listen for when discerning a problem with your unit are: banging/clanking, squealing/buzzing, and screaming. A banging or clanking sound typically means something loose or out of balance in your air conditioner. Before the issue becomes more significant, you should contact one of our Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning professionals. Squealing and buzzing are noises associated with fan and motor issues. If you hear a whistling noise that sounds like a scream, it can mean that there’s a dangerous refrigerant leak or high internal pressure in the AC unit that can lead to an explosion. Should you hear this sound, immediately shut your system down and give us a call. If all of this sounds too stressful, it would be wise to talk with us about our service maintenance agreement. It will help your home stay as energy-efficient as possible. Not to mention,  it will also help you avoid costly repairs.

What are the Benefits of a Service Maintenance Agreement?

At Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning, we understand that life can have us so caught up in the day-to-day that some things get left unaddressed until it becomes problematic. Therefore, we want you to know that we have Service  Maintenance Agreements. Signing on for maintenance in advance allows you to receive service at special rates. On top of that, this service plan offers many benefits for you and your HVAC system: improved indoor air quality, prolonged system life, prevention of breakdowns and damages, reduction of wear and tear, optimization for energy saving, continuations of warranties, improvement of comfort, and savings on time, money, and headaches. If you are a homeowner looking to take care of your expensive and complex comfort system the way you are supposed to, then our service plans are perfect for you and your home!

Why is it Important to Check Your Ductwork?

There are three key reasons why you should check your ductwork this spring. The first is to ensure your ductwork is clean. Clean ductwork improves indoor air quality. Debris that piles up inside your ducts will most likely circulate throughout your home. You don’t want to contaminate your air every time your HVAC cycles on; dirty ducts can make your home smell dingy, and allergens could be prevalent. Clean vents ensure clean and contaminant-free air blowing into your home. Second, clean ductwork improves your home’s comfort. If debris obstructs the airflow, it can overwork your HVAC system as it attempts to move air throughout your home. Removing obstructions allows the air to flow freely through the system and avoids unnecessary damage to your HVAC equipment. Third, ductwork that is appropriately sealed means energy saved. Over time, ductwork can sag and develop cracks and leaks if not cared for properly. Thus, you lose the air you need to cool your home, and the unnecessary wear and tear on the system will skyrocket your utility bills. Fixing leaks will save energy usage, keep contaminants out, and result in a more habitable home.

What is the Importance of Having Indoor Air Quality Checked?

The human eye is fascinating, but there are things that we cannot see, which is frightening, to be frank. I’m no hypochondriac, but it is still essential to make ourselves aware of what is not seen by the human eye. Since we can not see everything, it is a true blessing to have indoor air quality testing at our disposal. Unfortunately, home test kits aren’t very reliable. So for the safety of you and your loved ones, it is best to contact our experts at Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning to perform an IAQ test. Indoor air quality testing reads air samples from different parts of your home. An IAQ report will tell you if there are concerns with your home’s air quality. Allergens found indoors can be compounded by air pollution and outdoor allergens, such as pollen. So while you can’t control the air quality outdoors, you can have control within your home! Poor IAQ can cause discomforting allergy-like symptoms and worsen conditions like asthma, which can become serious rather quickly. Therefore, if you or a family member are symptomatic inside your home, you should be quick to have your indoor air quality tested.

When to Upgrade Your System?

If your current system produces insufficient levels of filtration and ventilation, it’s a good idea to upgrade. Some HVAC systems have special features to filter allergens such as pet dander and dust. Most of us are proud pet owners, so this exceptional filtration would significantly help counteract our animals’ shedding adverse side effects. And, if someone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, dust can be a severe hazard for them. So, if you’ve been bouncing around the idea to upgrade your HVAC system, here is your sign to do it now! 

We know it can be discouraging when we ask ourselves, “But how much is this going to cost me?” At Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning, we sincerely strive to do what is best for our customers. Reach out to us so we can better assist you in deciding what is best for you, your home, and your loved ones. While we tend to focus on the financial cost of things, we can not neglect to think about the cost of our health/well-being. We are here to educate our customers and help you find confidence as a homeowner in your decision-making. Times are tough, and we want nothing more than to bring you some happiness and pride in your home this spring. Call us today at (937) 230-5521, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We are excited to hear from you and appreciate your time!

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