Happy April Fools’ Day! While the exact origins of this day remain a mystery, today is a day many like to enjoy for the sake of lighthearted amusement and good laughs. We hope you enjoy today and don’t fall victim to too many pranks. As your trusted local heating and cooling experts, we wanted to try a different take today. Because Troy Furnace & Air Conditioning is dedicated to remaining a company you can count on and providing factual information, today we are going to bust some common HVAC myths. We are here to assist you in navigating through these misconceptions and ensuring you have accurate knowledge about your HVAC systems. Let’s separate fact from fiction together!  

Myth 1. “The Thermostat’s Location Doesn’t Matter” 

One common HVAC misconception concerns the placement of the thermostat. There is a prevalent myth that the location of the thermostat is not essential, but that is not accurate at all. Let’s “debunk” this myth! The thermostat’s placement is crucial as it reads the temperature in your home and then collaborates with your HVAC system to determine when to adjust and regulate the air. Imagine this scenario: If your thermostat is situated near a heat source like a fireplace, directly in the path of sunlight, or in a drafty area such as a window or exterior door, it is likely to provide an inaccurate reading of your home’s temperature. This inaccuracy can adversely impact the output of your HVAC system. Therefore, randomly placing the thermostat can confuse the system, potentially leading to operational issues. 

To effectively dispel this common myth, ensure that your thermostats are placed on interior walls, away from heat sources or drafty spots. It’s important to avoid positioning them near windows or exterior doors; hallways typically make an ideal location! So, if you require a new thermostat installation or need to relocate an improperly placed one in your home, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional to ensure the task is handled efficiently. 

Myth 2. “Set Your Temperature Lower/Higher So It Works Faster”    

Have you ever cranked up (or down) your thermostat settings to an extreme temperature in the hopes it will result in quicker heating or cooling? Although we see the logic behind this thought process, the truth is that HVAC systems maintain a consistent airflow pace regardless of the temperature setting. This means that the air production speed remains constant, no matter the temperature adjustment. Therefore, altering the temperature setting to a degree that you do not need does not influence how rapidly your home achieves the desired temperature. In reality, adhering to this HVAC myth only results in energy wastage by letting your home get to a temperature level you don’t need. Instead of doing this, set your preferred temperature and allow your HVAC system to efficiently carry out its function. 

If you frequently encounter this issue and require your home to be set at a specific temperature at a particular time, consider investing in a smart thermostat. It enables you to remotely adjust the temperature using a smartphone app, ensuring your preferred temperature upon your return. Additionally, you can synchronize it with your daily routines, allowing it to adapt to the temperature based on your schedule. This is a great solution as the thermostat will automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on your previous settings – no waiting needed! 

Myth 3. “Changing Your Air Filters Regularly Is Not Needed”  

Changing your air filters is absolutely crucial! While some may think it’s okay to skip frequent HVAC filter changes, let’s set the record straight – regular filter changes are vital and beneficial for your HVAC system! Consider the essential role of air filters in your HVAC system. These filters diligently remove dust and particles from your home’s air, safeguarding your indoor air quality. They keep dust and loose debris from infiltrating your HVAC system and causing issues and also keep these contaminants from being circulated throughout your home, which means you and your loved ones are not constantly breathing them in. 

Homeowners should regularly change their air filters, ideally every 1-2 months; doing so ensures a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Stay safe and maintain your home’s air quality and set your system up for success by staying on top of this simple maintenance task. 

Myth 4. “Seasonal Maintenance Checkups Are Not Necessary”  

We’ve saved the best for last – preventative maintenance. This involves the seasonal checkups for your air conditioner and furnace. When was the last time you had your units serviced? Do you stay consistent with these checks or only reach out to a certified technician when an issue arises? While it may seem like just another routine business practice, staying proactive with your preventative care is crucial. Your air conditioner and furnace are intricate machines that continuously work to maintain your home’s comfort. Just as we shouldn’t skip our regular oil changes and tune-ups for our cars, our HVAC system requires attention, too! 

As a homeowner, it is advisable to ensure that your units are well-prepared and sturdy for the upcoming weather changes each season. Therefore, you should make it a point to stick to a schedule for your furnace maintenance checks in early fall and air conditioning maintenance checks in late spring or early summer. Additionally, staying consistent with these checks also helps in upholding your manufacturer’s warranty. 

Don’t be fooled by all the false information out there! Hopefully, this has offered clarity on maintaining your home’s HVAC system. Sorting facts from myths about your HVAC system can be challenging, but we are dedicated to transparency and honesty. For more HVAC care tips, check out our other informational blog posts! 

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